Body Sugaring Paste 32 oz Extra Large Jars




Extra Large 32 ounce Body Sugaring Paste

If you want an easy, economical and all natural way to remove hair, without using strips, this body sugar paste is for you! Made from natural cane sugar, this scrub can be used by both men and women to remove any type of hair, any where on the body – face, legs, armpits, bikini line, back, chest, arms, you name it. Plus, there is no need to heat the sugar, just apply straight out of the jar. Much less painful than conventional waxing and safer with no chance of burning and no chemicals. With the sugaring technique, hair grows back finer, lighter and softer. Complete instructions on how to use can be emailed upon request. Two 16 oz jars. Made in the USA.
Ingredient List: Purified Water, Lemon Juice, Pure Cane Sugar, Essential Oils


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